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Babies health and hygiene is the greatest thing a parent can provide to their child. If the baby is not provided with the greatest hygiene available like a baby shower and clean clothes the health of the child will be in jeopardy as he or she can contract diseases with much ease. Gerber Baby Bath Set provided the best combination of things used during a baby shower. It is made to fit all ages in which the child is. They can be bought from any shops, supermarkets, and distributors worldwide at a cheaper price.

Here are the list of things which are usually found in Gerber Baby Bath Set;

· Toddler tub for new born baby; this tub is one of the best to be used by the newborn babies. It is shallow in depth and small in size. This is because the toddler is still young and big size tubs are no recommended to be used during bathing. This type will fit the baby comfortably also since it can hold the baby with much care during bathing. It is made in such a way it has paddle headrest and a sling for comfort and extra support.

· Unisex towel; this towel are made with cotton wool making them the best and recommended to be used during the baby bath. They are made to be unisex to fit both boy and girl child. They wipe the child clean and provide warmth as well after a bath. In the set, four pieces are placed inside such that after wiping the child with one of the towels, one extra piece is used to wrap the child over and provide warmth. The child can be made comfortable with the towel to an extent of falling asleep in them. They are of different sizes also according to the age of the child.

· Washcloth bath; the set comes also with a washcloth used during bathing. The cloth is made in such a way it is so soft which it cannot hurt the baby during bathing. The washcloth can also be used to dry wipe the child before or after shower

· Shampoo or baby shower soap; it comes with its soap used during bathing. Normal soaps can’t be used because young toddlers are so delicate. The soaps or shampoo are made with an antibacterial activity which can destroy bacteria available on the child skin. The parent is also advised to use the shampoo or soaps to wash off their hands before bathing their child since they destroy bacteria on their hands.

· Shower protection cap; the set also has a protection cap which protects the young child from shampoo and soaps entering their eyes. It is the best protection ever when washing the hair in their heads.

All parents having a toddler are often advised to buy the bathing sets because of the features it comes with. They’re cheap and pocket-friendly to buy and very much available either in retail or wholesale. Make a point of buying one.